Baozi or Bao as it is known, is a cantonese steamed bun delicacy, had either with fillings or simply. Kylie’s Bao Shop is located at Church Street, Opposite to Highgates hotel at the food court. It’s easy to spot.

Run by a Couple from the city, I first thought Kylie is the name of one of the owners, but turns out it’s named after their Pet. 🙂

I was using a workspace around church street, and on most days Kylie’s was a great option for luncheon. I’ve tried most of their Chicken and Veg Baos. I’m not really a seafood or Pork person, so I didn’t get a chance to try their Bao with those fillings.

Kung Pao chicken, tossed in light soy and roasted peanuts finished in hoisin glaze and is served in a warm soft Bao, makes it easily a comfort food for me.

Tandoori Lachcha, an Indianised version of the Bao, has tandoori chicken cooked in essential spices and jus, served with Mint yoghurt, julienned onion in a warm Bao. The flavor is just right.

Kung Pao Bao / Hickory smoked / Tandoori Lachcha are my personal favorites. Their Herbed Chicken is fine, but it didn’t appeal to me that much.

Kylie’s has nice delectable options for Vegetarians too, The Paneer takatak is something to look forward to. The Paneer is soft and the masala is just right.

They have this drink, Spritzer which is zippy lemony drink with Ginger infused in it.

Their menu is limited but I would say that, it’s also their strong point. They get to focus on limited items and have a greater control over the quality.

Kylie’s brought the Bao to the masses with a reasonable pricing and good quality ingredients.

If you’re looking to find a quick cheap Bao in town, Kylie’s is a great option.

P.S: They’re also on the look out to open in Other places in the city. Where should they open next? When they read this post, they’ll know. :)

Image Credits: © Kylie’s Bao Shop Facebook page


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