Every wedding has a great deal of challenges and Bridal hair makeup too is a challenge in itself. There are probably various reasons to get a bridal hair makeup in HSR layout done by a professional artist.

Here’s why you should look at hiring a bridal makeup studio for doing the bridal makeup on your big day.

Best Bridal Makeup in HSR Layout TONI & GUY

Take the stress off your shoulder

The number one point that most people would stress is that you shouldn’t stress it out on your big day. It’s true. Bridal hair makeup is a huge responsibility, and it shouldn’t be handed over to a less experienced hand, just because they can.

Getting the look right

Bridal hair makeup requires a good judgement, a sense of aesthetic to know when to use a product and when it is not required. A professional bridal makeup artist can only determine these things from their experience. You wouldn’t want to end up looking funny on your big day.

Suggestions and Feedback

A professional bridal hair makeup artist would be able to understand your mindset, customs and traditions, based on that they will suggest styles and look for different ceremonies in a wedding. For example, they would know certain important traditional functions would require the bride to stay there for hours together, a heavy makeup can make it uncomfortable for her, yet she has to look good. A professional bridal hair makeup artist can work well within these parameters by understanding these traditions before hand as they would’ve done it a hundred times earlier.

They would understand if you have feedback on particular style and analyse it if it would suit you or figure a way out an option closest to that.

Proper Skin type analysis

Makeup or makeover is all about understanding what works for your skin type and what doesn’t. Certain products would work on oily skin, and it may not work on dry skin, right from the foundation till the mascara, it all needs to hold together.

Only a good makeup artist would know what products to use and what they shouldn’t after years of experience. They’ll start from the very basic steps and carry out the whole cumbersome makeup process in a very professional way.

Expert Team

Bridal hair makeup studios would have a team of experts who would be available at your service and would take care of different parts of the process. This ensures that even if one person misses something, the other expert can identify it. It’s good to have more than one brain at work. 🙂

Types of bridal hair makeup done by experts

Check out some of the bridal makeup done by experts from studios like Toni & Guy, HSR layout, who have given an extra attention to detail and worked to make

Kashmiri Bride look

With the traditional lehenga, a Kashmiri bride also wears a Kalpush, a cap folded 3-4 times lined with cotton inside. Over this Kalpush, a white colored cloth, Zoojh is wrapped in layers and together this entire piece is called Tarang. Dejharooor the gold pendants in gold chain hanging down through the holes in ear lobes are a classic Kashmiri ornament.

Best Bridal makeup in hsr layout toni & guy

Bengali Bride Look

Sundarī taruṇī, refers to a Beautiful girl in Bengali. The Bengali bride is an epitome of the same.

Bridal makeup in hsr layout

(C) Source: thebridalbox.com

The Bengali bridal look features an extensive forehead chandan and kumkum detailing that is drawn in perfect tandem to her eyebrows. This is done keeping in mind the other factors such as the duration of the rituals.

Apart from the design dusky or light makeup is chosen and to compliment the makeup, jewels are adorned. The headgear, the kumkum and chandan designs are kept to a minimum to highlight the face.

Bridal makeup in hsr layout

(C) Source: thebridalbox.com

The look is complete with a Traditional red silk saree worn by the bride.

Mangalore Bride Look

A Mangalorean bride adorns the mallige poo (Jasmine flower) on her hair. Mysore silk saree or Kanchipuram saree that is bright and suits her complexion. The makeup is kept simple with mostly just the basic highlighting, eyeliner and lipstick that matches the skin tone and the jewellery is balanced with a forehead chutti, a grand necklace piece, bangles etc.


Bridal Makeup in Hsr layout

(C) Source:ezwed.in

Christian Bride look

The centerpiece of the bridal look is the Wedding gown, the bride chooses this carefully and her look & styling is designed based on this.

Bridal makeup in hsr layout

The bridal makeup is done to highlight the face and add glow to it minimally so as to not over do it. Wearing accessories such as tiaras, platinum earrings, a simple necklace makes the look complete and elegant.

Muslim Bride Look

Bridal hair makeup in hsr layout

(c)Source: aakshaparlour

The Muslim bride look features a Paasa / Jhumar on their head, usually tucked on the left side of the head along with the maang-tikka and the makeup is done keeping their size in mind. Their dupatta has heavy embroidery and is set low on the head. The jewellery consists of gold and kundan. The makeup should be done considering all these factors.

These types of bridal hair makeup and makeups are done by experts at Toni & Guy HSR layout, where they carefully study your skin type, understand the texture and work on the facial feature that needs to be highlighted.

Toni & Guy HSR Layout

Bridal hair makeup is tedious and requires dedication, the professional bridal hair makeup team at Toni & Guy HSR Layout are patient and understand your traditions as well.

If you are looking for bridal makeup in hsr layout from Toni & Guy, you can reach them at : 080 2258 4884

2607, 27th Main Road, 1st Sector, HSR Layout, South-east Bengaluru, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102

Divine Beauty Unisex Salon and Spa

Divine beauty unisex Salon and spa has been around for a while, they have spa treatments as well and provide various packages for their customers with some discounts. They have reviews on some popular portals, if you’d like to try them out, they are at:

#2340 17th Cross 24th Main, Opposite Gayathri Basaveswara Temple, Sector 1 HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102

Harusha make up Artist 

Harusha Make up artist provides real quick bridal makeup service in Bangalore for certain types of wedding. They are known for their bridal makeup in HSR layout and other parts of the city. 

Style n Arts Women’s Beauty Parlor

Style n Arts Women’s beauty Parlor does bridal makeup in HSR layout with much efficiency. They have friendly and talented staff and would require you to have prior appointments in place.

They are located at: 108, 1st cross, old mangammanapalya road, muneshwara nagar, next to HSR layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560068

Blossom Buzz

Blossom Buzz is run by makeup artist Sangeeta singh, who has been doing bridal makeup in bangalore and other cities for quite some time. The staff are trained and well-mannered.

Located at: 37, Sarjapur Main Rd, Ambalipura, Bellandur, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560103

If you’re looking for Bridal makeup in HSR layout, you can get in touch with these Bridal Makeup studios and artists mentioned above. You can also let us know if you know any other bridal makeup artists in Bangalore that you recommend.

Get the best bridal hair makeup done in HSR layout Bangalore
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Bridal hair makeup is a huge responsibility, and it shouldn’t be handed over to a less experienced hand, just because they can. Here's why you should hire the best bridal makeup studio on your big day
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